Wholesale Greenhouse and Nursery Grower of locally grown Midwest Proven plants.

Did you know we have a new production facility in Chesterfield, Missouri? Learn more about us.

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Check our up–to–date list to see if your plants are available.


Need help placing your order?  Need a plant that shows future availability?  Don’t see a plant listed you are looking for at this time?…  Please call or email us so that we can help you with pre-booking, choosing a culturally correct substitute plant, or contract growing exactly what you need.


We have up–to–date availability lists for all our plants.


We have a newer growing facility in Chesterfield, Missouri.  We have moved all plant production from our Farmington location to Chesterfield.  The closer proximity to our Des Peres offices and production facility has been a positive move enabling us to get our product out to you even more timely than before.


You can call us at +1 314.821.2834 or email at sales@jostgreenhouses.com.

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